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Enhanced comfort with outstanding image quality: Siemens Aera MRI

The two new semi-open MRI scanners (MRI) at Conradia Radiologie München (ex. Diagnostik München) are particularly well-suited to patients with claustrophobia.

Siemens Aera MRTI-equipment offers patients more space thanks to its internal diameter of 70cm and a cylinder length of just 125cm. Patients with claustrophobia no longer need to worry about feeling confined. It is possible for you to bend your legs. Moreover, most scans can be performed feet-first. This means that your head can remain outside the Siemens Aera MRIscanner. Even if it is necessary to place your head inside the cylinder during the MRI scan, the usual clicking sounds can be reduced to a minimum thanks to the “Whisper Mode”.

The new, semi-open Siemens Aera MRI equipment is extremely powerful thanks to a 1.5 Tesla magnet and offers seven times the image resolution of previous, open, “sandwich” MRI machines. During the examination music can be provided, if desired. Various lighting effects also contribute to a sense of comfort.

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7 MRI Scanners at Conradia Radiologie München (ex. Diagnostik München)

Conradia Radiologie München (ex. Diagnostik München) has a total of 6 MRI scanners:

In addition to the three scanners at the Augustenstrasse branch (Philips Ingenia 3 Tesla, 2x Siemens Aera MRI 1.5 Tesla), we have also been operating a state-of-the-art 3 Tesla Siemens Skyra MRI since December 2017 at our urology clinic in Planegg. This is, to date, the best imaging for prostate MRI available on the market.

In addition, we also operate a 1.5 Tesla MRI at the Schongau branch of the clinic and will have one at the Perlach branch in future.

MRI claustrophobia: No problem thanks to modern technology

Many patients suffer from MRI claustrophobia. Patients who struggle with claustrophobia in confined spaces now have no need to worry: At Conradia Radiologie München (ex. Diagnostik München) we offer 1.5 Tesla MRI equipment with particularly generous openings.

No chance of MRI claustrophobia

Our new MRI equipment possesses a 70cm-wide and 1.3 metre-long cylinder. This allows MRI scans to be carried out feet-first. This means that patients with claustrophobia have total freedom of movement in the head region. In addition, music can be provided on demand using headphones. Various lighting effects also contribute to a sense of comfort.

Needless to say, this freedom of movement has no effect on the accuracy of the MRI scan. Even the tiniest changes can be shown thanks to the outstanding image quality.

Conradia Radiologie München (ex. Diagnostik München) explains: