Musculoskeletal radiology

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Musculoskeletal radiology

Musculoskeletal radiology (MSK) is one of the most comprehensive areas of radiology, mainly the imaging of medical conditions in the field of orthopaedics and trauma surgery. 
Some so-called “common ailments” fall under this heading, including chronic back pain, shoulder pain and wrist pain.
However, many acute diseases and injuries also belong in this field, including sports-related traumatic injuries in younger patients as well as professional athletes. “Systemic” diseases such as rheumatism as well as benign or malignant tumours of the muscles, bones and joints are also included in this category.

It’s little more than “looking at bones”… – isn’t it?
The common occupational image of a radiologist holding an X-ray image of a bone up to the window and then making a diagnosis is long outdated, though it is still very present in people’s minds.
The rapid development of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has resulted in a situation today where severely injured patients can receive a “complete scan” of their body within seconds, allowing rapid assessment of the extent of their injuries. Similarly, many arthroscopic procedures can today be replaced by an MRI. Specific questions about the vitality of transplanted cartilage tissue can also be answered by radiologists with MSK expertise. 
As a result, this specialised field has developed into a highly professional sub-specialty and is practised by only a handful of radiologists at this level.

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The benefits are clear

Dr Böhme is a proven expert in this field and a highly esteemed specialist in Munich, who is happy to be contacted by professional athletes alongside experts in orthopaedics and trauma surgery for answers to relevant technical questions. For many years, Dr Böhme worked in elite sports for the ÖSV (Austrian Ski Association) and the DSV (German Ski Federation). He works as a medical technical consultant and is a radiological point of contact in the field of national and international professional sport. He cares for patients from clubs in the Bundesliga, the Premier League, as well as Olympic squad athletes and national squad athletes from the fields of hockey, ice hockey, American football and judo.

Due to his additional training in the fields of sports medicine, prevention and sport rehabilitation, he is able to incorporate physiological and functional aspects into purely radiological assessments. He has an excellent reputation within his extensive network encompassing the best orthopaedic suregons, sports physicians and physiotherapists in Munich.

Dr Böhme is also a member of several national and international specialist associations.

Learn from the best

In order to maintain his level of quality at the most up-to-date and high standard, Dr Böhme has for many years visited the world’s leading experts in the field of MSK radiology several times a year, in order to exchange knowledge with experts in New York, Chicago, Amsterdam, London and elsewhere. His patients and the clinical partners in his network directly benefit from this expertise, knowledge of current trends and application of the latest methods. 


The most modern technology does not make a good radiologist. Years of work in the field of MSK radiology and daily expansion of my knowledge in the field of modern radiological technologies within a network of experts – that is what makes our expertise so special. Questioning this anew every day and approaching my patients with empathy – that is my aspiration in my daily work.