Computed tomography (CT)

A quick glimpse inside the body

Computed tomography is a modern medical imaging procedure in the field of radiology in which cross-sectional images of the region of the body being examined are generated. The patient lies on a flat bed that is moved into the X-ray tube, which emits a narrow beam of X-rays. A system of detectors on the opposite side measures and evaluates the rays. This allows detailed images of the inside of the body to be generated.

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Computed tomography scan procedure

A computed tomography (CT) scan is completely painless and thanks to state-of-the-art technology with a reduced dose of radiation, takes between two and ten minutes depending on its complexity (the actual scanning time only lasts a few seconds). The scan is normally carried out while lying on your back. Thanks to the ring-shaped scanner and the short scanning time (mere seconds), claustrophobia should not be an issue.

The scan itself is completely painless and takes between two and ten minutes, depending on its complexity. During the scan you lie down and remain as relaxed and calm as possible. An automated voice may give you precise instructions for breathing. Please pay attention to these instructions because internal organs can then be depicted differently with each breath.

Depending on the issue, taking an (iodine-containing) contrast medium before the computed tomography scan may be required. This can either be taken orally (as a drink) or intravenously (through a vein in the arm). The contrast medium will pass through your body naturally after a short period. Physical or mental performance is not impaired by the contrast medium. To avoid the minor risk of an allergic reaction to the contrast medium, it is necessary to fill out a questionnaire before any scan with contrast. In the event of administration of a contrast medium, normal kidney and thyroid function are prerequisites. These can be tested on the basis of two blood values: basal TSH (thyroid) and creatinine (kidneys).

Please contact your referrer directly if these have not already been measured and bring the most current results with you to your examination appointment.

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