Abdominal radiology

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Abdominal radiology

Diseases of the abdomen are as numerous as the body’s organs:
the liver, gall bladder, spleen and pancreas are often the cause of unspecified abdominal pain. The oesophagus, stomach and the small and large intestines can also cause discomfort and spasmodic complaints. 
Alongside inflammatory diseases, tumours also loom large in the abdominal area.

Prof. Dr. Lars Grenacher

Any radiologist can perform abdominal radiology, right?

Many radiologists are familiar with diagnostics, but the precise diagnosis and description of the spread of the disease as well as detection of early-grade tumours and, in particular, rarer diseases is limited to a handful of experts and requires special expertise which needs to be continuously refreshed.

Professor Grenacher is currently a nationally and internationally renowned expert in this field who has already helped many patients through apparently irreconcilable and hopeless situations by pinpointing the correct diagnosis with an assisting team of experts from other fields, who then initiate the treatment.

Professor Grenacher is the deputy chairman of the Consortium for Abdominal Radiology at the German X-Ray Society (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für abdominelle Radiologie in der Deutschen Röntgengesellschaft). 
He is also a member of several expert committees, e.g. for tumours of the pancreas, stomach and oesophagus.